Analog Film Color LUTs

I used to do analog photography, but now it is no longer a thing. Nevertheless, I miss ye olde colours, so I stole the souls of my favourite films and I enclosed them into convenient Color Lookup Tables.

In particular, I sampled the following films, some also with under- and over-exposition:

  • Kodak Porta (NC/VC/UC)
  • Ilford HP5
  • Fuji Velvia
  • Fuji Sensia

The nice thing about having film colors as digital LUTs is that you can use them on video as well! For example, this video documenting some sound installations I did with my friend Corrado Saija many years ago is color-graded as it was shot on a Kodak Porta film:

How to use

You can use these files with the “Color Lookup” adjustment layer in Photoshop or with the “Lut Buddy” free plugin in Premiere, but also many other imaging and video editing software support CUBE files.

The more similar your camera is to mine (a Nikon D7100), the more realistic will be the end effect. To mitigate the issue white balance your image and correct the exposition before applying the LUTs.