LIM-Toolbox is a collection of basic Matlab audio-related functions used in sound and music computing research and teaching. This also includes some tools developed at the Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale (University of Milan, Computer Science department) concerning bivariate signal analysis and other signal processing techniques.

Among other functions you will find easy scripts for:

  • Frequency domain from/to Time domain conversion;
  • Frequency and amplitude scale converters (Mel, Bark, Semitones, etc.);
  • Automatic audio samples generation;
  • Automatic signal alignment;
  • Easy fade in/out function;
  • Bivariate Mixture Space tools.

The peculiarity of LIM-Toolbox with respect to other tools, such as MIR-Toolbox, is that I deal only with regular arrays, without the need for cumbersome data structures.

Many other Matlab scripts I will publish here require this collection of functions.


This open-source project can be downloaded and/or forked on GitHub.

All Signal Perspective software is donationware, please buy me a slice of pizza if you find this useful! 🍕