A screenshot of ScatterWords, a Windows application for non-linear text handling

ScatterWords is a simple Windows application that lets you scatter each line of a text file over a 2D blackboard. This is open-source software: I wrote this C# disaster in a hurry because I needed a quick tool to manually cluster text data, but if you need other features you can fork this on GitHub.


This is portable software, meaning that it does not need installation, just unzip the downloaded file and bring the executable wherever you want.

Some details

All settings are almost self-explanatory, the only thing implicit in the interface is that you can drag and drop text files directly into the main window.

Known issues

Since everything is redrawn each time you drag a label object, big window sizes may result in some lag.



All Signal Perspective software is donationware, please buy me a slice of pizza if you find this useful! 🍕